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El Salvador Slang Language 101 Course for Non Native people – Feb. 2018 Update

This one is dedicated to all those El Salvadorean who live abroad, or to those whose parent/s are from El Salvador and are interested in learning some “cultural-rich” El Salvadorean slang words.

There is a myriad of words out there, so if you know any other, please leave them in the comments below and I will add them. Thanks!

Ajolotado(a) – being ridiculed in public, belittled, etcsomeone who is “all over the place”, e.g.: running like a headless chicken.
Achicado (a) – being ridiculed in public, belittled, etc.

Aguacatero – A stray animal, mostly referring to a dog… who in most cases would look like a giant rat

Apiarse – Going down a tree. This can also refer to leaning onto someone – or something.

Ahuevo/Awebo – Short form of saying “yes”.. (i.e.: Q: Do you want a beer? R: Ahuevo)

Ahuevar/Awebar – You can tell someone “I am going to ahuevar you”, which means I am going to belittle or shame you in public. Similar as achicado but mostly used by the person telling someone else they will shame you.

Ahuevada/Awebada – The other end of the stick – the person that is publicly ridiculed or shamed.

Baboso(a) – Someone that is plain stupid.

Babosada – Similar meaning when you refer to a thing, as in: this babosada does not work.

Bayunco – Immature, childish

Bling bling – Something shiny… People actually say “Blin Blin”.

Bicho(a) – a child, however in Nicaragua, this word means the female reproductive system (El Bicho), so beware.

Birria – Beer

Bobo – Dumb
Bolado – a thing or an object… or some people refer to this as a mistress or an affair. I.e.: I have un Bolado on the side (tango un bolado por ahi).

Bolo(a) – a drunkard/alcoholic

Cabal – exactly
Cacaso – Shitty, crappy, bad quality…

Cachada – Black Market Goods, usually stolen

Cachimbear – Kick your ass, or great the living shit out of someone

Cachibaches – means stuff, a stuff in bulk

Cachimbazo – To hit someone hard, or when you hit yourself hard

Carambada – a thing

Casaca – a lie.

Chantajear – Blackmail, Chantajeado = To be blackmailed

Chele – a white person, not to be confused with Gringo

Chero(a) – a friend pal

Cherada – a group of friends

Chiche – It can either mean: a) a Breast or b) it is the equivalent as “Easy”, such as: Esto esta chiche (This is easy)

Cipote(a) – child

Chancho – a pig, or used to also express someone who is very fat, to which you can use Chancho for male of Chacha for female.

Chibola – a Marble

Chimbolo – a small fish…sometimes referred to as a fat person.

Chisme – Gossip

Chivo – cool; awesome.

Choco – blind.

Cholo – someone who is very strong and buffed.

Chompipe – Turkey which means Pavo also… no idea why

Chota – the police!!!!!

Chunche – thing; object.

Cuche – a pig

Chuco – dirty

Chulon(a) – naked

Chupa – A cultural event where everyone just drinks and drinks and drinks until you become blind.

Chumpa – jacket

Culo – Mostly used as butt, as in “look as that big culo”, however it is also referred as a very pretty woman or man.

Culito – a very pretty woman, most times your girlfriend or mistress

De Choto – For free

Dame el vuelto – give me the change (currency)
Dundo – stupid or dumb.

Enbolar – Get drunk.

Goma – hangover.

Gorron – a friend leach, such as the ones who tag along to parties to drink for free but will never buy a drink.

Gueviar – to Steal.

Guaro – alcohol, specially the cheap and strong kind… such as..Petrov (or petroleo)

Guishte – broken glass on the floor

Mañoso – a crook or thief

Mara – one meaning is a group of friends and the second one is a gang, as “La MARA” = the gang, as in MS13.

Maje – it means Dude, or if you tell someone “you are a maje” it means, you are a fool in a non insulting way

Maleta – it means suitcase or someone who is not good at anything in life.

Meque – Being nosy. For example: “no seas meque” which means do not be nosy. A person who is branded as someone who is always nosy or gossipy can be called “Metiche”.

Mona – usually referred to as “La Mona” which is equivalent to the penis.

Monton – A lot
Monte – Marihuana or Pot; it can also mean grass or wilderness

Nitido – Badass, almost like pulido

Pajero – a Liar

Paja – it can mean a “lie” or someone saying they will masturbate

Patín – 2 meanings, first is horrible stench the 2nd meaning means a party or, patinar  which usually relates to go drinking

Pecora – it can mean two things, depending on the background of your conversation. The first one is referred to a prostitute, or also Pecoras are referred to high school foxy girls.

Peperecha(o) – a prostitute and peperecho means a male gigolo

Pisto or billies – money

Pachuco – I don’t know I use it… Don’t know if its slang from `here.. it means absurd.

Patojo – someone who has a limp

Pudiente – someone that has money or comes from a family of means

Pulido – Badass, as in your car is Pulido

Polvo – usually it is said as “un polvo”, this means having sex with a lady or it also means the male love juice

Palito – similar as Polvo

Pipian – It can mean someone gay, or when they challenge you and you are afraid to do something, then you are “un pipian”, which means someone lacking courage.

Pija – it can mean penis, or the act of threatening someone you will beat them up, as in “Te voy a dar pija”.

Picaro – a sleek young fellow, also referred to as naughty.

Puya – Wow

Puta – this is the most complex slang word and will deserve its own post. It can mean the following: 1) a whore, 2) WOW, 3) used to express joy, 4) used to express pain, 5) used to express fear, etc..

Que Dark – means “It sucks…” or “that wasn’t right”

Sampar – To forcefully insert or “to provide”. For example: “Sampar una Vergueada” – forcefully beat the living shit out of something/someone.

Sopapo – to hit someone, similar to “el Vergazo”

Sope – the vomit, such as: “He drank to much the threw up El Some”, the verb of throwing up is also referred to as Sopear.

Talega – In a drunk state. Synonym of “Verguera”. Commonly expressed as “Gran talega” meaning “Heavy drunkness” hahaha…..

Teta – Breast, similar to chiche. The plural is tetas.

Terengo – dumb

Tetunte – can either mean a “trinket”, a big object or dumb

Travex – it means “again” or lets do it again.

Tilinte – Stiff

Tumblimbli – It is like telling someone to F*** off, but not as harsh.

Tunante – Smooth or suave with the ladies

Tunco – a pig

Vá?! – “Do you agree” or  “yes”. Example: Bob, do you want to go to the bar? Bob: VA. Sometimes “Va” is combined with the word “Pues”, so “Va Pues” means “ok Sure”.

Vergón – positive exclamation, an equivalent of the slang ‘cool’.

Zopear o buitriar – to vomit.

Zurrar – poop

Zangano – dumb

Hope you liked it


54 thoughts on “El Salvador Slang Language 101 Course for Non Native people – Feb. 2018 Update”

  1. hola,

    what does “chimbola” or “chimbo” mean?

    i know you said that “chimbolo” means small fish. i just find that very hard to believe.


  2. hola,

    what does “chimbola” or “chimbo” mean?

    i know you said that “chimbolo” means small fish. i just find that very hard to believe.



  3. hei..,can anybody love me?no,i mean can anybody tell me what does ‘fumetea’ means plisss? thuaanx muucho

  4. um,
    *-que pedo? what up, really translates to what fart.
    *-puchica,usually texted or written puchi ka– many say it.
    in a sentence “puchi ka, mucho cuesta”–“damn,/gosh, that cost alot.
    *-que paso maje!- what up fool,
    *-que vergon! how cool, (more street way.)
    *-paro, sentence “ese paro tubo buen!
    that “date” was good, (date as in people hiding you and helping you sneeak around)
    *-parlar, sentence “con esa bicha yo no parlio vos” to get along with.
    *-llevo, to get along.
    *-me vale verga! i dont give a shit
    *-pisto, money
    *-cabal- exact/ly
    *-meche, short for metiche, which means nosey!
    *-leñatero, someone who plays dirty in soccer.
    *-serotes, term used in between boys, guy friends that get along well.

  5. VIVA EL SALVADOR! RESISTE Y EXISTE. “Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

  6. And why does Google translator translates bicho as beast, bicha as ferret and vergon as shameful? In what Spanish dialect is bicho a beast and bicha a ferret and vergon is shameful?

  7. Pisto– money
    Meque– nosey
    Vaya pues or va’pues– ok then
    Choco– cross-eyed
    Sampar– to forcefully insert or hit
    Peperecha– prostitue

  8. hey so, yo me he casado con un salvadoreno de un parte de san salvador pero he notado q hay un frase (segun salvadoreno) q nunca lo he escuchado mencionar… so yo queria saber si no es algo muy comun… cachiwachis-things or belongings… so if you have heard it let me know or if its really obscure also le me know.. i wouldnt want to use it in front of my man and him be like what?!? P.D. i love this site!!!!

  9. Well words have different meaning, depending on the region of the country, I used to live in the City and what I wrote is what it means, at least young people say it.

    The word you mean is “Cachibaches” and it does mean stuff, usually referred when you are carrying a lot of stuff or makes a lot of bulk. I think I will update this post soon. In El Salvador we have a lot of funny slang words which in many countries mean other stuff, for example “bicho” in spain means bug, in El Salvador little child, in Nicaragua it means vagina haha… among many more,

  10. When a man sends a text to a woman friend and it says: “Haces perrito” ; what does that mean? Is it a slang for let’s get together to hav e sex?

  11. Chibola = marble. As in kids playing with small marbles.
    Chimbola = is a small fish usually found in a river or creek.
    Va = verdad. (agree) ‘Va que Manuel es un leñatero! Manuel is a dirty player, right?
    Patojo = cripple (El Salvador)
    Patojo(a) = child (Guatemala)
    Apiarse = to get off–esp. a vehicle.
    Terengo = dumb.
    Tetunte = a piece of dirt, dumb.
    Pija = D*ck. Te voy a dar pija. I’m going to kick your ass!

  12. How do you say… “Sure! No problem!” & “You’re very welcome!”

  13. Love your post!
    I think you should go big & continue to increase your data.
    The Spanish language dictionary has not changed in more than 500 years. By providing people with a tool to tap into Salvadoran lingo you have created a bridge to communicate better. It might be confusing if you’re starting to learn Spanish/Castellano, however it’s super entertaining to know a colourful way of speaking. The reality is that most people that speak this way come from low income & poor education.
    If you do this dictionary correctly, Jose, you should be acknowledged as a social/language scholar, much like Ebonics was coined in 1973.
    Yo veo esto como un tributo a mi cultura Salvadoreña.
    – Johanna

  14. A man from El Salvador told me that smells like flowers is also called bleeding lion? Didn’t make sense to me, was it a slur?

  15. When I was living in a rural part of La Libertad I heard kids use a word that in English sounded like el “wishte” to describe broken glass. Is this word used frequently? Does it come from an indigenous word?

  16. “Maje” Means Dude, fool, for example; que ondas maje; What`s up dude, No seas maje; don`t be fool

  17. It’s funny to read all the different meanings to all of these words that us Salvatruchas use in our everyday lingo. My mother was from Ahuachapan and she used a lot of indigenous and not so indigenous words like: guixte- broken glass, cuexte- very dirty, ixtio(a)- bratty kid, alguaxte- powdered pumpkin seeds, bobo- dumb or foolish, & maléta- useless (referring to someone). I have 2 teenage boys that are half Mexican, and they refuse to speak “mexican spanish”. They acknowledge their Mexican roots, but they’re proud to call themselves they new generation of “Salvadorian-Americans”.

  18. I lived in El Salvador for 2 years. In Soyapango and in San Rafael Cedros. I could make this list even longer!! lol

  19. The correct term is “Bicha culichosa”, is used to insult a girl who think she’s high class, but comes across as being gettho. It literally means girl with tapeworms..

  20. Va,estaba leyendo todos los comentarios y estan bien pulidos todos. Nitida la gente que representa el pulgarcito tanto aqui como aya! 100% guanaco… Ps : las palabra Pulido(a) y Nitida (o) = Bonitos (a) :)

  21. A lot more missings!

    Tilinte – Stiff
    Tunante – Smooth with the ladies
    Cachimbiar – To kick ass
    Cachimbazo – To hit someone hard
    Pulido – Something thats badass
    Carambada – a thing
    Nitido – Badass, almost like pulido
    Un polvo – Doing the dirty with the ladies
    Un palito – Same thing as “echar un polvito”
    Pecora – Prostitute
    Chero – a friend
    Cherada (mara) – a group of friends
    PIPIAN – gay, faggot (this is my fav word to use with my friends)
    Zangano – Dumb, stupid
    Cipota – child
    Boladito (Culito) – a fine female
    De Choto – something free
    Dame el vuelto – giving something change (currency)
    Chuco – dirty
    Puya – WOW
    Guebiar – to steal
    Pajero – Liar
    Cuche – a pig
    Chancho – a pig
    Meque – Nosy
    Chulon – butt naked
    Casaca – a lie
    Sopapo – un vergazo, to hit someone
    Monton – a lot
    Picaro – a sleek young fellow
    Chunche – a thing

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